Sammy Ross

Pastor Whitney’s sermon from the book of James hit right on with what is going on in my life. Recently, I have been struggling with believing that God with provide money for me to stay at Life Pacific for my second year of schooling. Listening to Pastor Whit talk about what James wrote regarding faith, endurance, growth, and joy was inspiring. First of all, faith is the one big thing we need in our lives to be able to believe what God has called us to do.

For me, God has told me that Life Pacific is where I need to be. Since I have been a student at Life Pacific I know that God made this campus and Lifehouse my home. When I believe that I can’t be here because of money I am choosing to believe the lies of Satan. When I have faith that my God will provide what I need for next school year I can endure and even press on. With faith, endurance, and not giving up, I will grow and have joy in my life.