Mark Stanley

Since I started attending Lifehouse in February of 2012, I have

yet to hear a message that hasn’t spoken to me on some level.  Since

Pastor Scott started the Christian Atheist series these messages have

been resonating deep in my heart and soul. This past Sunday was

no different.

May 26, 2013, this past Sunday’s sermon, is titled “When You

Believe In God, But You Worry All The Time”.  Although I do not worry

a lot, (in fact my wife used to complain that I did not worry enough) I

do have some worry in my life. When Pastor Scott pointed out

the fact that our worry shows our lack of faith in God, and in lacking

faith we are actually mistrusting God – these facts deeply convicted

me.  I don’t doubt God’s love for me, but I sometimes think

he has more important things to do than fix my little problem.  If

that is not a lack of faith and mistrust than what is?

Thank You Scott for showing me that I can just slow down, take

stock, pray for guidance and peace, and God will be faithful.