Jonelle Salmeier

On Palm Sunday Pastor Scott spoke about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-44, Matt 21:10-11) and with it three simple things we can do in “Preparation for Easter”.

  1. Do what Jesus says. (Luke 19:28-35)
  2. Feel what Jesus feels (Luke 19:41-43)
  3. Share who Jesus is (Matt 21:10-11)

Personally, I don’t like being told what to do. I might gripe and grumble for a bit, but eventually I’ll do it. Really, though it all boils down to how I’m being told, because after all, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

But is it really all that different when it’s God telling me what to do? After all, it’s God – by default I’m supposed to listen, I’m supposed to be obedient, I’m supposed to submit. Sadly, the same process applies – I still may grip and grumble, but not as long and the end result of my obedience to God ultimately lightens the weight that was once on my shoulders.

I remember two years ago when I was at a Ladies retreat with my mom. The speaker was talking about her childhood and how she didn’t have the best relationship with her parents. Once she had children, she learned that in order for her children to respect her and her husband as their parents – she would have to start treating her own parents with the respect they deserved (even if they didn’t rightfully deserve it). Right then and there I could hear God telling me, “Jonelle, you need to stop being sarcastic to your dad.”


Asking me not to be sarcastic was like asking me not to breathe. I think God realized He needed to be more specific. “You need to not allow your sarcasm get to the point of passive aggression. You need to be more respectful to your dad.”

It was then that I realized that if the change didn’t start with me, how could I expect my future child(ren) to respect my husband as their father if I didn’t respect my own father? And further, how could I except share who Jesus is with my dad, if I’m not showing God’s love to him.

“Okay, God. No sarcasm to the point of passive aggression. Please help me, because I will need it.”

A week after this moment I was put to the test when I was to spend a day with my dad. I was surprised at this simple obedience to God that I actually enjoyed the day with my dad. There was no anger, or resentment or the need to argue with him about the inconsequential. There was only compassion, a compassion that could only have come from being obedient to what Jesus says, which allowed me to feel what Jesus’ feels, and with my actions share Jesus with my dad.

Even two years later, it is still a conscious effort on my part to remember to watch my sarcasm when it comes to my dad. After all it is my love language, but I find that my visits with my dad are more enjoyable when I embrace God’s obedience, remember to feel what Jesus feels, and hopefully all of this will prepare me for the time I will truly get to share with him what Jesus did for us.