This summer I get the chance to be in an internship with six other people at Lifehouse. As an introvert, this is huge. Some people connect well with others in social settings, but for me I happen to connect with people by spending one-on-one time with them. In social settings, I feel challenged to get to know others, as groups tend to be very intimidating to me. The other interns are really helping me to learn how to overcome this. We spend almost every night together eating dinner and doing devotions. My whole life I have been used to doing things on my own, but with this internship, I am learning how to share my daily life with others doing life together.

Pastors Scott and Linna are committed to doing life together as a church. Last week, when we had our church barbecue, I realized how much our church, as a whole, is working toward this concept and how this gathering encouraged me to connect with others. While at the park, I ran around with the Picinic and Martz children, ate lunch with Heidi, chatted with the Peters, and threw water balloons at the Clark girls.

I had an amazing time at the barbecue because I was hanging out with those who have become my family. I am so thankful for this internship because I am learning so much and being stretched in many ways! It has not been an easy journey because of my introverted tendencies, but I am so glad that I have committed to doing life together with Lifehouse.