Grace Williams

This Sunday Pastor Scott started off a new series on1st Timothy. As someone who has grown up in the church, I was able to relate with it. To this day I know people in all kinds of ministries have used the idea of “holiness” as a competition.

Representing Jesus is a big deal to me. In my walk (and I feel everyone can probably relate to this sometime in their life), I have wanted to look the part. “Dress to impress”, right?!?! I’ve wanted to help out at church, talk “Christianese”, start a ministry, etc. In doing so, my faith has been hindered so many times because I feel the person across from me is getting a “higher score” in whatever Jesus wants to call his video-game.

1st Timothy is a letter from Paul to Timothy in Ephesus, what I remember from Pastors Scott’s words on Sunday was how much he highlighted the fact that Paul was telling Timothy straight up that people were going to “twist God’s words to meet their agenda”.  Today, people twist God’s words to meet their agenda all the time!

Can I confess something? In the past, even I myself have twist God’s words to meet my agenda. It doesn’t mean God is going to love me any less for it. I feel this letter and the message Pastor Scott spoke on Sunday was an opportunity to remember who the Holy One is in our walk with Christ. If we live in a state of law, constantly trying to one-up each other, we aren’t going to do anything but get exhausted and hurt one another. But, if we live in a state of grace, having the law there for us to look at and remember how much we “can’t”, we seat God on the throne.  We take His righteousness for our own. This means we don’t have to worry about anyone else because everyone is equal. Jesus did what he did for a reason, and it starts with us remembering God’s words as His own and reminding ourselves each day where we stand with Him.

If you ask me? We stand in a pretty good place.