Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sometimes I forget that there is a whole world of people out there; people that are broken and in desperate need of Jesus. It is seemingly impossible to reach everyone in the world; however, we can make a huge difference if we take time to invest in the people around us.

For instance, I would not be who I am today without the help of someone taking the time to invest in me. There was a high school student named Robbie that decided to befriend me at the age of 6. Robbie poured his knowledge of life and God into me. The time that he dedicated into pouring and investing in my life meant so much to me. After an unexpected and devastating car accident, Robbie died at the age of eighteen. Although I was left confused and heartbroken, I decided to dedicate my life toward helping people and serving God. Amazing things happen when people are intentional about making an effort to reach out to others, Robbie being my personal, prime example. Robbie didn’t have to take the time to love me, but because he did my life is forever changed.

With a little over 7 billion people in this world, the reality is that people have problems and are broken. Everyone has something that they need to work on or get through, and often times all these people need is someone to talk too. I share this story with you today because Robbie’s life has inspired me to be open and willing to invest in the people around me. This story made me want to become a missionary, and go to the ends of the world to share Jesus’ love. I hope that it spoke to you, and that you are inspired to invest in those around you.