Monthly Archives: May 2012

I never really thought I would be one to work in an office.  Yes, it’s only a church office and I’m only an intern, but still.  8am every morning, this is where you’ll find me.  However, this is not a note of complaint, it’s a reminiscence of discipline learned.

This is not my first internship.  I interned at a summer camp the summer before I moved down to LIFE.  Some mornings I had to wake up and be in the kitchen by 5:30 in the am.  So how can I even think about complaining about 8am four to five days a week.  I used to work 50 feet up in the trees, transferring customers on the ropes course.  I should be unstoppable, unafraid of anything that can be thrown at me on a normal day.  However, making phone calls to unknown peoples, or doing new tasks on my own with no defined way of doing them, this terrifies me.  Why?

My point is, working in the office is a whole new way to be disciplined.  I actually have to follow normal social rules.  I am conquering fears that I shouldn’t even have.  I am learning to relate, in a regular way, to those around me.  We do daily devotions together, I get to see how God is working in the lives of others and we all get to apply it to our own lives.  This summer, it will be interesting, but it will be a new adventure.  Time to be fully open to all God is going to teach me.


New adventures are coming